Overseas Business

LocationType of SystemPower(KW)
Hung Yen/Vietnamroof-mounted200
Ha Nam/Vietnamroof-mounted600
Bac Ninh/Vietnamroof-mounted1,000

We have established our Vietnam subsidiary in Hanoi in June 2021. We will install solar power generation equipment under our investment on the roofs of factories of mainly Japanese manufactures operating in Vietnam. This is a direct PPA method in which the cost of the equipment (investment) is recovered through electricity bills over a long period of time. There are no initial costs for the Japanese companies, and the electricity bills are lowered, while at the same time enhancing the company’s image as an environmentally friendly company.

  • ①Proposed site in Hung Yen(Image)

  • ②Proposed site in Ha Nam(Image)

  • K Energy Vietnam Co., Ltd.